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    Hypnotherapy taps into the unconscious part of the brain to help you access inner strengths and remove any blocks or obstacles that are holding you back.

    Hypnotherapy is about using a person’s own resources to help them achieve their goals. If you choose to have the treatment you will harness your natural abilities and put yourself back in control: Hypnotherapy can help create a more positive you, no matter what life may have thrown at you.

    Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and very effective technique. It can be used to deal with many problems and challenges such as:

    • Bad habits
    • Anxiety, stress and panic attacks
    • Phobias – such as a fear of flying or spiders
    • Various addictions, such as smoking
    • Weight management
    • Pain during childbirth

    In general, hypnotherapy can help you take control of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, doubts and worries.

    How it Works

    You will be given an initial consultation to see whether hypnotherapy is appropriate for you.

    • The hypnotherapy process is gentle, realistic and completely confidential
    • You will be in full control throughout your treatment, even whilst in deep state of relaxation


    The cost of hypnotherapy will depend on the issues being addressed and the duration of your sessions.

    The following costs are an indication of what we charge, but are given for guidance only:

    Stop Smoking Session – £99.00
    Sports Performance Session – £99.00
    One Hour General Session – £50.00
    1 Hour 30 Minute General Session – £75.00

    When Lyn booked me with Dr McFarlane and said ‘what he doesn’t know about sexual health isn’t worth knowing’ she was right. Thorough assessment, quick test and immediate treatment all in a relaxed, professional manner – Excellent!

    Stu – W Lothian – Robert

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