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    Private GP Services & Occupational Healthcare in Edinburgh, UK.


    Price List – From 1st January 2024

    (List is not exhaustive)

    Item Price
    GP Services
    Controlled Drug Prescription £45.00
    GP Consultation 15 minutes £120.00
    GP Consultation 20 minutes £150.00
    GP Consultation 30 minutes £200.00
    GP Consultation 45 minutes £275.00
    GP Consultation 60 minutes £330.00
    GP Home Visit (in Edinburgh) £395.00
    Nurse Consultation 15 minutes £60.00
    Nurse Consultation 30 minutes £95.00
    Repeat Prescription £35.00
    Ear Syringing £135.00
    Sexual Health
    Sexual Health Consultation £200.00
    HIV Instant Test (not including consultation) £35.00
    Initial Consultation FREE
    Anti Wrinkle Injection 1 Area £210.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection 2 Areas £280.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection 3 Areas £350.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection 4 Areas £375.00
    Hyperhidrosis £425.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection add on – Chin £50.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection add on – Bunny Lines £50.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection add on – Gummy Smile £50.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection add on – Lip Flip £50.00
    Anti Wrinkle Injection add on – Undereyes £50.00
    Filler Dissolve £265.00
    Juvederm Volite 1ml £350.00
    Juvederm Volite 2ml £560.00
    Restalyne Skinbooster £275.00
    Volbella £460.00
    Voluma £460.00
    Minor Surgery Initial Consultation £120.00
    Minor Surgery 30 minutes £225.00
    Minor Surgery 1 hour £450.00
    OGUK Medical £145.00
    OGUK Medical & drug screen £175.00
    OGUK Medical, drug screen & alcohol breathalyser £180.00
    OGUK Medical & EBS (Fit to Train) £185.00
    Wind Turbine Medical £205.00
    Health Assessment £495.00
    Travel Health
    Travel Consultation (Initial) £40.00
    Travel Consultation (Follow Up) £20.00
    Joint Injection – Initial Consultation £120.00
    Joint Injection – Treatment (one joint – doesn’t include cost of steroid) £225.00
    Child Vaccination 30 minute (nurse) £60.00
    Child Vaccination 15 minute (nurse) £40.00
    Flu Vaccination £30.00


    If you are looking for a service that is not listed above, please contact our team for more information.

    Your customer care which is extremely friendly, relaxed and professional has made all my visits easy and comfortable. Many thanks for your care and understanding in what for me was a difficult time.


    YourGP is regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland – the regulator for independent healthcare services across Scotland. Healthcare Improvement Scotland accepts complaints at any time. Contact them at:

    Independent Healthcare Team
    Gyle Square | 1 South Gyle Crescent | Edinburgh | EH12 9EB
    0131 623 4342 |

    YourGP is registered with the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) Registered Office: Station Road, North Street, Havant PO9 1QU.