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    HIV Screening

    Private HIV Testing in Edinburgh

    HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s defence system and reduces its capacity to fight off disease. If a person is infected with HIV and develop a number of specifically severe illnesses they are said to have AIDS.

    If you feel you have been exposed to the virus or have taken part in any ‘high risk’ activities (such as unprotected sex or sharing contaminated needles) you should consider getting tested. Completely confidential, we offer fast results from accredited testing laboratories. We offer the following HIV tests:

    • Early Detection Test (Multiplex): This is our ‘earliest’ test and can detect the HIV virus from 10 days post contact. We recommend follow up testing at 28 days.  Results take 3 working days
    • HDUO Rapid HIV Test:  Detects the HIV virus from 28 days post contact. Results are available next working day.
    • The Instant Sameday HIV test: A pinprick of blood is put into a testing device that gives a result within a couple of minutes. The test is over 99% accurate in detecting the HIV virus from 90 days post contact
    • The Instant HIV Test can be used for Visa and Employment applications, a certificate is issued

    If you receive a positive result we offer advice, support and any necessary treatment.

    How it Works

    When you arrive our clinician will discuss the history of your symptoms and concerns.  You will be advised of all costs and expected result times at your appointment.

    • The necessary blood sample will be taken
    • Your samples will be couriered directly to our laboratory, Monday – Saturday, allowing for the quickest result time possible
    • Any positive result can be treated or managed by our team

    We can e-mail your results to you after talking with you.


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