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    COVID-19 PCR Test

    YourGP can provide a self-test kit for COVID-19 that requires a combined nose/throat swab sample to be collected and sent back to our accredited UK laboratory. This test is suitable for those who need a UKAS accredited PCR result for travel, work or hospital admission. 

    The test uses state of the art PCR techniques to look for all current strains of the virus. The principle of PCR is to extract, amplify and identify the viral RNA sequence of the virus. Infection with SARS-CoV-2, an RNA virus, is diagnosed using reverse-transcriptase PCR. The assays used show a minimum sensitivity of 98% and a specificity of 100%, with no cross-reactivity with other viruses.

    How it works

    The self-test kit requires a combined nose/throat swab sample to be collected and sent back to the laboratory. The kit contains:

    • A multipurpose PCR swab
    • A transparent sealable bag containing a sample vial
    • A lab request form
    • A full set of sample collection instructions
    • A postage-paid envelope to return the sample to the laboratory.

    Once the patient has taken their sample, they must send it to the laboratory using the postage paid envelope.

    Who can use the kit

    YourGP can provide a self-test kit for people who require a COVID-19 test for the likes of:

    • Travel
    • Access to healthcare/treatment (for instance, before entering hospital)
    • Work

    YourGP cannot provide a self-test for people who:

    • Have any COVID-19 symptoms
    • Suspect they may have COVID-19

    Anyone with symptoms or suspected contact with the virus should contact the NHS Test and Protect service on 0800 028 2816.

    Sending the kit

    You can either collect a kit from our Edinburgh clinic, as long as you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, or we can post one out to you. Once you have received the home test kit, you can take the sample.

    You will be required to take a swab of the back of the throat, then inside their nostril using the same swab. The kit includes a detailed set of instructions on how to collect the sample correctly. Once you have taken the sample use the pre-paid return envelope to send it to the laboratory.

    To ensure the kit reaches the lab as quickly as possible, we recommend that you post it as early as possible on the day of taking the sample, to ensure that it is picked up with that day’s post. If you are able to return the kit to the practice before 3pm then we can send it to the lab with our courier, which guarantees it reaches the lab that evening. If you would prefer to take the sample at the practice and leave it with us to send with our courier, speak to our reception team and we will ensure there is a private room that can be used to do this.

    Turnaround time

    Once the sample arrives at the laboratory it takes 48 hours for the result to be confirmed. Therefore, we recommend that you post the kit at least 72 hours before you require the result. Please bear in mind that we are only open Monday – Friday, so a sample returned from Wednesday onward may not be available until the following Monday.


    The result of the PCR swab test will be in the form of a lab confirmation, which states the patient name, DOB, date of collection and a result stating whether the virus was ‘detected’ or ‘not detected’. It will also list the details of the laboratory and confirm that it is UKAS accredited.


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    Corporate Bookings

    If you are an employer and wish to test your workforce then we can offer bulk orders of the self-test kit, delivered to your site. If you are interested in arranging COVID-19 tests for your employees, contact for more information.

    I went in for an allergy shot and was thoroughly pleased with the practice from start to finish. They informed me with the all the necessary details and potential side effects (which thankfully I didn’t have). The level of professionalism is felt from the time you enter all the way through the end of your appointment! Thank you! See you next year!

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