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    Private GP Services & Occupational Healthcare in Edinburgh, UK.

    Booking Terms & Conditions

    Deposits & Cancellations

    As standard practice, we take a deposit to secure your booking at the practice (for some services, the deposit will be the full value of the appointment). Please be aware of the following notice periods for rescheduling or cancelling your appointment:

    GP consultations – 24 hours’ notice
    Medical assessment – 24 hours’ notice
    Onsite clinic at client premises (corporate booking) – 5 days’ notice
    Transgender consultation – 5 days’ notice
    All other appointments – 24 hours’ notice

    If you do not attend your appointment, or cancel/reschedule within the notice period, you are liable for full payment of this deposit and this will not be returned to you.

    If you would like to cancel your appointment with your deposit refunded to you, please ensure you notify us within the notice period and our team will process this for you.

    If you would like to cancel your appointment but wish to keep your deposit on your account for a future booking, please let our team know. Your deposit will be kept on record and can be used within a 12-month period.

    Coronavirus safety measures

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have a number of additional safety measures that we must ask you to follow, as below:

    Do not attend for your appointment if you begin to experience coronavirus symptoms, or suspect that you may have the virus
    Please ensure you wear a mask or face covering when you attend for your appointment

    Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible (no more than 5 minutes before)

    Please attend your appointment on your own, unless you require support during the appointment itself (in which case we can permit a maximum of one additional person in the clinic)

    If you have any paperwork to be completed, for instance if you are attending for a medical, please complete this before your appointment and either email it to us or bring it with you on the day (if you haven’t received paperwork, please speak to our team)

    Important information about your appointment

    If you are attending for a medical or drug/alcohol screen, please bring photographic ID (passport or driving license) with you so that we can verify your identity. If this is not provided we may not be able to proceed with your appointment

    If you are attending for a medical, please ensure that you bring details of any prescribed medications in addition to any glasses or contact lenses.

    If you are attending a travel consultation then please bring your previous vaccination records.

    I never imagined being able to open up and discuss so deeply my early life abuse, held back by embarrassment and fear, with Dr Myskow – for the first time ever – I felt completely safe and supported; not judged or disbelieved on any level. I would say she genuinely cares and has helped me immensely

    L – Livingston – Lyndsey

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