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    Stress awareness in the workplace

    Stress awareness in the workplace

    Posted on March 14th, 2020

    When asked about your job, how many of you would describe it as ‘fast-paced’, ‘demanding’ or even ‘stressful’? Probably quite a large proportion! In fact, it’s almost become the norm that we should feel pressure at work, because that’s just modern life, right?

    We at YourGP believe strongly that it doesn’t have to be that way. For a start, experiencing stress for prolonged periods of time can have a hugely detrimental effect on one’s physical and mental health. So we’re inviting businesses of all sizes to join us in supporting Stress Awareness Month this April, to raise awareness of the effects of stress, and to share helpful tips on how to reduce it. Here are just a few ways you can tackle it in your workplace:

    Talk openly

    Whether it’s during your Monday morning motivational team talk, or a one-on-one chat with a member of staff, it’s important to talk openly about stress. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to someone admitting they’re feeling overwhelmed by their workload or anxious about meeting a deadline for example.

    Share your coping mechanisms

    For some people, the best way to de-stress is vigorous exercise, for others it’s a relaxing bath; we’re all different! Exchange ideas and be open to new suggestions, and you might just discover something that completely changes the way you feel.

    Be kind

    Each and every one of us will experience stress at various points in our life so treat everyone with compassion and empathy – you never know what others are currently going through.

    Look after each other

    Look out for the tell-tale signs of stress in others such as low mood, low energy and increased sickness. If you suspect a colleague is suffering from stress, reach out to them.

    Look after yourself

    If you’re feeling stressed, it’s vitally important you listen to your body and make the time to look after yourself. Start with the basics – eat well, exercise more and get a good night’s sleep.

    For more information about Stress Awareness Month, head to Alternatively, if you’d like to find out how YourGP’s Occupational Healthcare professionals could help you reduce stress levels in your workplace, call 0131 225 5656 or email


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