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    How the coil changed my life

    How the coil changed my life

    Posted on March 13th, 2020

    For some people, finding the right contraception can be life changing. Whether you’re struggling to manage heavy periods or just struggling to remember to take a pill, it’s important to know that help is available. Start by talking through your options with someone who truly understands. Here, we share a first-hand account from *Laura who did just that. She recently turned to YourGP and, thanks to the advice of Dr Susie Martin, her life has been transformed since choosing the coil.

    I’ll be honest, until last year if you had asked me about contraception my knowledge would probably have stretched to condoms and the Pill, and that’s it! I hadn’t ever explored any other option.

    But after a couple of years on the Pill I was keen to try something else. I’m aware it’s a great option for many women, but for me, it just wasn’t practical. I lead a busy life – I work in events management – so no two days are ever the same and I was rarely able to take the Pill at the same time every day. In fact, all too often I would forget to take it completely. And my heavy periods were starting to become an issue too. From a practical point of view, for someone who is on the go 24/7 at events, they were becoming unmanageable.

    So I booked an appointment with Dr Susie Martin at YourGP to talk through the alternatives. She was fantastic – so thorough! She asked me lots of questions about my general health and lifestyle and helped to whittle down the options to the coil.

    Based on her recommendation, I opted for a hormonal coil – the IUS coil (or intrauterine system). Essentially, it works by slowly releasing progestogen to make the lining of my womb thinner so it’s less likely to accept a fertilised egg.

    Having had a thorough discussion, including a detailed chat about the potential side-effects (some women experience headaches, acne or breast tenderness, especially at the beginning, but these are not usually ongoing), I was confident in my decision to go ahead. The best thing was she was able to fit it right then and there!

    First, I had to have a vaginal examination, (which was not too dissimilar to my experience of having a smear test), then she fitted the coil using a small insertion device. To be truthful, the process was quite uncomfortable, but it only took around 15 minutes and I was able to take a painkiller which helped.

    The results? I now don’t have to worry about remembering to take a pill everyday and as an added bonus my periods are now significantly lighter! Plus, the IUS coil lasts for five years so I literally don’t need to think about contraception for the next few years. It’s such a weight off my mind. I just wish I’d done it sooner!

    For further information about the coil, or any form of contraception, book an appointment with Dr Susie Martin. She offers confidential advice and, should you wish to go ahead with a coil fitting, in many cases she is able to carry out the insertion in the same appointment as your assessment. Call 0131 225 5656 or email to find out more.

    *The patient’s name has been changed.

    Received injections from Lynn at the surgery. Hadn’t had an injection in 12 years, so was terrified walking through the front door at first. My mind was put at ease instantly. Very nice people, was given lots of great advice, and the injections were a piece of cake. Couldn’t be happier. Recommended!

    Lee S

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