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    Staff retention and promoting happiness in the workplace

    Staff retention and promoting happiness in the workplace

    Posted on December 9th, 2020

    It’s no secret that businesses need to evolve in order to compete, and sometimes the best changes and innovations are the result of new team members joining and offering fresh ideas. However, when staff turnover becomes too high, it can be quite unsettling for the whole team, which in turn will have a knock-on effect for clients and customers. For this reason, the Occupational Healthcare experts at YourGP have turned their attention to the subject of staff retention and explore how employers can do their bit to promote happiness in the workplace.


    10 factors that indicate happiness in the workplace

    1. Being financially secure: Money isn’t everything of course, but there is a lot to be said for the peace of mind that comes from a comfortable salary, as an individual’s money worries can have a huge impact on their ability to work to their full potential.
    2. Having a sense of purpose: Feeling like they are making a real contribution and having a positive overall effect can give employees real job satisfaction.
    3. Feeling valued: Acknowledging a job well done and celebrating achievements can be a real morale booster.
    4. Having autonomy: Giving employees the freedom to think for themselves and make decisions is empowering. The opposite, being micromanaged, can crush confidence and creativity.
    5. Having flexibility: Providing the options of remote working and flexible hours, or enabling employees to work around other commitments, such as their family responsibilities, are great ways of showing your trust in them to manage their workload and hours responsibly.
    6. Having a good boss: The job of a good boss is to spot the potential within each employee, motivate them and bring out the best in each one.
    7. Having variety: Every job has an element of repetition to it, but there should be some enjoyable tasks that add variety and interest to each day to keep employees engaged and passionate.
    8. A healthy work / life balance: Work isn’t everything and employers must acknowledge this. An employee who is given enough time and headspace outside of work is destined to be more productive and creative within work.
    9. Positive workplace culture: Feeling comfortable around colleagues, being inclusive, and having fun together can create a working environment that all employees want to be a part of.
    10. The availability of wellness programs: Knowing that your employer is investing in your health shows how valued you are. YourGP offers a variety of Occupational Healthcare packages, each one tailored to suit your individual business’ needs. They are designed to promote the health and wellbeing of your team, so they can reach their full potential.

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    Why it’s important to promote happiness in the workplace

    It is well documented that a happy workforce is more likely to outperform an unhappy team in many ways. The potential effects on your employees and therefore your business include:

    • Less likely to feel stressed and better able to cope in stressful situations
    • Less likely to take time off due to sickness
    • More productive
    • More creative in their thinking and problem solving
    • Make fewer mistakes and therefore report less accidents in the workplace
    • Lower staff turnover

    So it really does pay to invest in the happiness of your team.

    If you would like further information on how to boost the happiness of your team, get in touch with YourGP’s team of Occupational Health specialists on 0131 225 5656 or email

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    I’d like to thank everyone for their friendly professional attitudes and service. It made what was an anxious time for me much easier to cope with


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