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Introducing Dr Jo McCrone: Children’s specialist GP

Dr McCrone examining child at YourGP

Posted on October 4th, 2014

In our previous blog post, we let you know about our new specialist children’s clinic in YourGP led by paediatric specialist GP, Dr Jo McCrone.

Dr McCrone has worked part time at YourGP since July 2010, alongside her NHS employment.

Born and brought up in Edinburgh, she graduated as a doctor in 1997 from The University of Edinburgh, and has since worked in the NHS throughout Edinburgh and Fife.

As she explains, she particularly enjoyed her hours within the A&E department of Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

All-round experience of working with children

“I’ve worked on and off, for the past 16 years, as an A&E doctor at ‘the Sick Kids’.

“It has given me a real good, all-round experience of working with children who are experiencing a variety of problems and illnesses.

“I have seen and treated a wide variety of conditions I might not have otherwise experienced.

“I have also developed strong relationships with many doctors in secondary care, through frequently speaking to them about patients, therefore getting to know their specialties and how to effectively make contact with them.”

Paediatric experience

As well as the experience of working at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Dr McCrone has recently finished a paediatric scholarship.

She explains: “I spent a year attending teaching days and paediatric seminars. I also spent extensive time in hospital and with consultants gaining valuable experience.

“It was great having the opportunity to establish relationships with consultants, but also seeing what happens at the next stage for the children.

“The scholarship gave me the knowledge and security that enables me to deal with more children’s issues on my own, rather than always referring them to secondary care as my first step.”

Unlike other GPs in Edinburgh and across Scotland, one of the services Dr McCrone can offer in clinic is to take children’s blood tests.

Generally, the results are back within 48 hours. It is also convenient for busy and working parents at YourGP as this can be done at the weekend, including Sundays.

To request an appointment with Dr McCrone, call us 0131 225 5656, email or use our booking form.

You can find out more about Dr McCrone and the rest of the YourGP team by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I never imagined being able to open up and discuss so deeply my early life abuse, held back by embarrassment and fear, with Dr Myskow – for the first time ever – I felt completely safe and supported; not judged or disbelieved on any level. I would say she genuinely cares and has helped me immensely

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