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    New children’s clinic at YourGP, Edinburgh

    Child getting examined at YourGP

    Posted on October 2nd, 2014

    Private Children’s Clinic 

    At YourGP private medical practice, Edinburgh, we now have a specific private children’s clinic led by Dr Jo McCrone, an experienced children’s specialist GP.

    Dr McCrone has recently cemented her interest in paediatrics by way of additional studies at Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

    Within her clinic, Dr McCrone will offer children’s immunisations and vaccines, and baby jabs and development checks, as well as assess and treat general child health and development issues and concerns.

    Private Paediatrician Near You: Dr Jo McCrone

    Ahead of the new children’s clinic launch at our private medical practice in Dean Village, Edinburgh, we caught up with Dr McCrone to find out what will be different from other paediatric clinics within Scotland.

    She explains: “When you’re caring for children, you’re not only treating the child, you’re treating the whole family.

    “There are huge amounts of anxiety around a sick child. Obviously my focus is on the child, but I can’t ignore the parents.

    “It’s also important not to rush children. You need to take the time to build a good relationship and rapport with them, especially by taking time to explain what you’re going to do to them and why.”

    Shorter Consultation Times at YourGP’s Private Children Clinic 

    One benefit of the children’s clinic at YourGP is the longer consultation times of 15 and 30 minutes.

    “I get a lot more time with patients than I do in my NHS clinic,” explains Dr McCrone.

    “This allows me time to work out the parents’ expectations, listen to their concerns and assess the child and their needs.

    “I am able to give the child the attention they need, and know I have done the best I possibly can for them.”

    Working as a part time GP in a busy NHS practice, as well as in the A&E department of the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Dr McCrone is very aware of how important a calm environment is for children and their family.

    Private Children’s Hospital With a Calm, Relaxed Environment

    “At YourGP, we offer a calm, friendly environment for children to come to. There is no real chaos and not many other people around to cause upset for the children.

    “YourGP has a relaxed environment; the staff are lovely, and genuinely welcome children of all ages.

    “Another benefit is that, unlike the NHS surgeries, we are open seven days a week.”

    To request an appointment with Dr McCrone, call us on 0131 225 5656, email or use our booking form.

    Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our clinic in Dean Village in the heart of Edinburgh’s west end.

    The best place in Edinburgh for private GP services (I have tried several). Very professional practice management able to answer any queries in a very timely manner. The nurse, Lynn is very knowledgeable and caring, able to put not only me but also my three months old son at ease. I am very happy with the service I have received.

    Katharina K

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