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    Hyperhidrosis: End the embarrassment

    Posted on May 30th, 2024

    Working up a sweat is usually the sign of a good gym session. But for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can occur anywhere and anytime. And that’s why many sufferers find it such a difficult condition to live with. The embarrassment, the inconvenience, the social unacceptability… But thankfully help is available. In fact, hyperhidrosis can be treated quickly, safely and effectively at YourGP. Read on to discover how.

    A problem that’s more common than you think

    Sweating is your body’s natural response to a rising temperature. Your nervous system triggers your sweat glands into action in order to keep your body at an optimum temperature. As the water in your sweat evaporates, the surface of your skin cools down. However, faulty nerve signals can trigger eccrine sweat glands to become overactive, resulting in excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.

    It most commonly affects the hands, feet and armpits, although other areas of the body can also be affected. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, almost 5% of the world’s population is affected by the condition. That’s a staggering 385 million people struggling with excessive sweating. However, it is estimated that 27% of those with the condition never receive a diagnosis.

    Living with hyperhidrosis

    Hyperhidrosis can have a huge impact on a person’s everyday life. Many find off-the-shelf deodorants and antiperspirants ineffective, and instead have to resort to multiple changes of clothes throughout the day.

    It can also affect a person’s worklife – we all know the power of a good handshake when trying to make a positive first impression in a professional context. But for those with hyperhidrosis, a sweaty handshake can be difficult to avoid.

    Relationships can also be affected, with some sufferers too embarrassed to enjoy any sort of close physical contact and intimacy with others.

    With such wide-reaching consequences, it is therefore little wonder that hyperhidrosis has the potential to have a hugely negative impact on a person’s mental health and wellbeing.

    End the embarasssment

    Botulinum toxin injections have been proven to be highly effective in treating hyperhidrosis. It works by essentially blocking the nerve signals responsible for sweating and stopping the sweat glands from producing too much sweat.

    Available at YourGP, we can successfully treat your armpits and forehead. What’s more, the results last up to a year. In fact, for some patients, results can last even longer.

    Speak to an expert

    If you’re worried about excessive sweating, book a consultation with one of our highly qualified and experienced doctors. We have diagnosed and successfully treated countless hyperhidrosis patients, so book an appointment at YourGP via our simple online booking system, email, or call us on 0131 225 5656 and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

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