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    Top 10 ways to raise happy and healthy children

    Top 10 ways to raise happy and healthy children

    Posted on May 27th, 2024

    The team here at YourGP are passionate about the health and wellbeing of children and young people – we know that making children aware of the need to make healthy choices from an early age sets them up to lead happier and healthier lives. So read on for ways to encourage your child to embrace healthy living, whatever their age…

    1. Eat well

    Eating a balanced diet is essential for every growing child, so aim for a balanced rainbow diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Most children go through a stage of fussy eating, but try to lead by example by eating together as a family at the dinner table, and keep the mood light and positive to help avoid mealtime battles. When possible, encourage your child to help prepare the food, cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen to build a positive relationship with food.

    2. Set a sleep routine

    Growing children need plenty of rest to help their bodies and brains develop. A regular bedtime routine such as a bath, bedtime story and cuddles will help your child to recognise when it is time to wind down, and doing this at the same time every night will help to regulate their circadian rhythm.

    3. Exercise regularly

    Evidence suggests children need at least 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. Exercising with your child through games and activities is a great way to bond, whether it be a simple kick about in the back garden, or participating in your local Park Run every weekend. Making simple lifestyle changes such as walking, scooting or riding a bike to school instead of jumping in the car is another effective way to stay active.

    4. Read together often

    Encouraging your child to read is hugely important – it increases their vocabulary, broadens their understanding and awareness, and helps them to articulate their thoughts and feelings, which is essential for good mental health.

    5. Provide opportunities to learn

    From music lessons to martial arts – enabling your child to explore extra-curricular activities will equip them with a wealth of skills and help them build connections with new people. And not all after-school activities necessarily need to cost money. From volunteering at your local community garden, to walking the neighbours’ dogs, these experiences all help to increase your child’s understanding of the world around them.

    6. Make memories

    From exploring the great outdoors to building dens in the living room on a rainy day – set aside regular one-on-one time to reconnect with one another to forge a more open, trusting and fun relationship.

    7. Be a good role model

    Think about the qualities you hope your child will have and reflect on how you can inspire those traits. Compassion, strength, determination, respect, courage, curiosity, creativity, honesty, empathy – be a role model for your child by demonstrating these characteristics every day.

    8. Protect their health

    Make sure your child attends all their medical appointments, including routine childhood vaccination appointments. If and when they become unwell, trust your gut instinct. If they don’t seem their usual self or they display any signs or symptoms that you’re worried about, seek medical attention right away.

    9. Talk openly about mental health

    Awareness of mental wellbeing should start at a young age. Help your child to recognise and articulate their emotions and set an example by talking openly about your own feelings.

    10. Make them feel loved every day

    Recognise their strengths, praise their good deeds, keep them safe – tell them and show them that you love them every single day.


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    I was visiting with my son from California, US and he became ill. It was such a relief to find you and receive such expert care. He was diagnosed with bronchitis and we were given antibiotics right on the spot. My son was better in a few days and able to enjoy the remainder of our stay. Thank you very much. I highly recommend AND the location is beautiful. For any out-of-town folks it is a must-see!

    Dani B

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