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    Give the gift of a Health MOT this Christmas

    Give the gift of a Health MOT this Christmas

    Posted on November 18th, 2023

    It’s the classic Christmas conundrum – what do you buy someone who seemingly has everything already? If you’re lacking inspiration and dreading battling it out with other desperate shoppers on Princes Street this month, don’t worry – we have the perfect suggestion.

    Forget the novelty socks, unwanted gadgets and planet-polluting plastic tat – they’ll only end up in landfill in the New Year anyway. (Seriously, consumers throw away approximately £42 million of unwanted presents each year. And of all the Christmas purchases made, just 1% will still be used six months after the big day.*)

    Instead, choose something more sustainable and more meaningful. Choose the gift of a Health MOT at YourGP.

    What does a Health MOT at YourGP include?

    A Health MOT at YourGP is a comprehensive package of tests that focuses on the aspects of health, fitness and lifestyle that most frequently give cause for concern. It has been created to provide a clear overview of the patient’s health and highlight problems even before they develop. Here’s what’s included:

    Initial appointment with nurse or healthcare assistant:

    • Height, weight, BMI
    • Blood pressure/pulse
    • ECG
    • Urinalysis
    • Lung function (if required)

    Follow up appointment with GP:

    • Review of blood results
    • Review of medical history
    • Lifestyle advice
    • Physical examination

    The results will cover:

    • Heart health
    • Diabetes health
    • Liver health
    • Kidney health
    • Full blood count

    After the appointment, a summary from the GP and a full report on blood results will be provided. And if the patient requires further attention, we will highlight this and arrange any appropriate treatment or testing.

    Earn serious brownie points with your loved ones

    A Health MOT at YourGP can give your loved one genuine peace of mind about the state of their health. It could also potentially uncover something that needs investigating and highlight an issue that can be treated early before it develops into something more serious. Finally, it could spur your loved one on to make their health a priority. How great a gift is that?

    Tick it off your to-do list

    We understand that the weeks leading up to Christmas can be hectic, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to purchase a voucher for a Health MOT at YourGP. Simply call us on 0131 225 5656 to speak to one of our friendly reception team or email us at and we’ll post a voucher out to you.


    *Statistics courtesy of GWP Group.


    I went in for an allergy shot and was thoroughly pleased with the practice from start to finish. They informed me with the all the necessary details and potential side effects (which thankfully I didn’t have). The level of professionalism is felt from the time you enter all the way through the end of your appointment! Thank you! See you next year!

    Yulie L

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