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Banish cellulite with Lift-Shape

Posted on June 26th, 2018

When it comes to cellulite, few women wouldn’t take the opportunity to banish it from their lives once and for all.

The common skin condition isn’t harmful, but can make summer’s best pleasures – warmer weather and long days on the beach – a source of dread.  

If this sounds all too familiar, book into our clinic in Edinburgh to discuss Lift-Shape.  

A look at cellulite

First, the facts: cellulite is caused by normal fat beneath the skin. The bumpy appearance comes from fat pushing against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker and leave a less-than smooth appearance.  

Many people are active and eat well yet still frustrated they can’t seem to shift the lumps and bumps from cellulite on their bums, hips and thighs. Though men get it too, it’s more common in women and caused by a number of contributing factors – including genetics – and doesn’t mean you’re overweight. 

That’s where Lift-Shape comes in; this excellent and non-invasive treatment helps tighten the skin to reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite when diet and exercise alone aren’t quite enough.  

At our clinic in Edinburgh, we’ve seen some massive improvements with clients looking to improve the appearance of cellulite. After just one treatment they’ve walked away with skin that’s more toned and in better condition than before.   

How it works

Lift-Shape is a non-invasive procedure that gives your body a more youthful look and feel by improving the skin’s texture and causing a tightening effect.  

Each procedure is short and straightforward; a series of technologies deliver radio wave energy into the deeper layers of the skin, using heat to break down fatty deposits and give a noticeable lift. While it’s working, you feel a pleasant warming sensation.

Lift-Shape isn’t just for cellulite – it can also be used to treat other parts of the body and can tighten skin on the stomach, improve neckline contouring, and treat sagging skin under the eyes.

LiftShapeYourGP - Arm Before and After

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and most people see an immediate improvement after the first session. For more prolonged improvements we recommend a course of six treatments.

Free Lift-Shape Consultations in Edinburgh

If you’re interested in learning more, book in for a free Lift-Shape consultation at our private practice in Edinburgh.

Our highly trained cosmetic assistant, Sarah Brown, carries out all our Lift-Shape treatments from the YourGP clinic in Edinburgh and has seen some great results.  

Prices for the treatment start from £150, depending on the size and area of the body being treated.  

To book in for your free Lift-Shape consultation, call us on 0131 225 5656, email  or use our online booking form.

If you have any questions for Sarah about Lift-Shape, leave a comment below, or get in touch on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

Jacqui as ‘Master’ has made this one of the most relaxing, memorable experiences of my life and I know the course has helped me tremendously with my grief and other issues.

A Poletti – Edinburgh

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