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    20 ways to manage stress in the workplace

    20 ways to manage stress in the workplace

    Posted on September 5th, 2023

    Whatever your line of work, the chances are that you’ll have working days that are stressful. Whether they involve looming deadlines, seemingly endless to-do lists, or a difficult co-worker, you’re bound to have the odd ‘off day’. However, if you find yourself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed for longer than usual, it’s important that you speak up and seek help because stress can have a major impact on your physical and mental health.

    To celebrate 20 years of YourGP, we asked Dr V. McBride to share her top 20 ways to manage stress in the workplace. Many people’s working lives have changed dramatically in the past 20 years, but these top tips could make all the difference to the way you feel at work…

    1. Prioritise tasks

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, write it in order of priority and focus on one task at a time.

    2. Set realistic goals

    If there is just no way you’ll be able to complete a task on time, it’s best to speak up and work towards a more realistic goal than try to rush a job under stress.

    3. Practice good time management

    Write yourself reminders, set yourself alarms and banish distractions such as mobile phones if you need to complete a task by a certain time.

    4. Take regular breaks

    It can sometimes be tempting to keep working until a task is complete, but before you know it hours have whizzed by and you’ve barely looked up from your computer. Remember to take the breaks you are entitled to.

    5. Practice deep breathing at stressful points in the day

    Focus on simply inhaling and exhaling to stop your mind from racing and to bring your focus back to the task at hand.

    6. Stay organised

    Keep your desk tidy and your workspace clutter-free. File important documents immediately and have a regular clear-out to keep on top of things.

    7. Delegate tasks

    Pass control of particular tasks to others to help free up your time if you simply can’t fit it all in.

    8. Be open and communicative

    If you need help, ask for it.

    9. Limit multi-tasking

    Juggling too much all at once is when things become overwhelming. Focus on one thing at a time.

    10. Exercise regularly

    Exercise can be a great stress reliever, so walk or cycle to work, enjoy a stroll on your lunch break, or head straight to the gym after work.

    11. Step away from your desk, especially when having lunch

    Be mindful of your screentime and enjoy lunch breaks in another part of the office if possible to clear your head.

    12. Limit perfectionism

    So often, people get hung up on the minor details of what they did wrong, as opposed to the many things they did right. Try to see things from a more positive perspective.

    13. Remember the importance of work life balance

    Whilst working hours can take up a substantial part of your day, remember that your job is not your whole life. Focus on your friends, family, experiences and achievements outside of work.

    14. Be mindful of how often you check work emails out of office hours

    While there’s nothing wrong with checking the odd email out of hours, or responding to a one-off urgent request, it is important to set clear boundaries between your work life and personal time.

    15. Eat well

    It can be tempting to opt for convenience foods and energy drinks to fuel your working day, but you’ll feel much better in the long-run if you make an effort to prepare healthy salads and soups and snack on nuts and fruit instead.

    16. Avoid presenteeism

    Whilst a record of 100% attendance may sound impressive, it is important to recognise that people do get sick. It is best to take a day off to look after yourself than to let health issues worsen simply because you feel a need to be seen in the office.

    17. Make the most of your time off

    Whether you’re cooking a special dinner at the weekend or heading off on holiday, remember that you’ve worked hard and earned your time off, so enjoy it!

    18. Add fun and happiness to your working day

    Whether it’s adding personal items to your desk or compiling an upbeat playlist to listen to on your commute, add a little joy to your work routine.

    19. Look out for your colleagues

    Be supportive of others and look out for any warning signs of stress amongst your co-workers.

    20. Be aware of workplace bullying and harassment, discrimination

    If something doesn’t sit right with you, report it ASAP.

    Prioritise your health at work

    YourGP provides comprehensive occupational health services to help employers across a wide range of sectors lead happy and fulfilling working lives. We can provide an onsite GP clinic, allowing your staff to be seen quickly and conveniently for any health concerns they may have – including stress and mental health issues.

    To find out more about our bespoke healthcare packages, call 0131 381 0322 or email to arrange a consultation with one of our team.



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