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    YourGP introduces new Green Initiative

    YourGP introduces new Green Initiative

    Posted on July 26th, 2022

    At YourGP, we’re passionate about providing expert healthcare that has a genuinely life-changing impact. Day in, day out, we aim to improve lives – making people happier and healthier. But we’re keen to do even more. And that’s why we’re introducing our new Green Initiative, so we can do our bit to help the environment and tackle climate change to improve the lives of future generations too.

    Why we’re taking action
    As of 2020, transportation accounted for 24.4 percent of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere which causes global temperatures to rise. This global warming is having a devastating effect on the environment. As we witness more frequent and intense droughts and heatwaves, melting glaciers and rising sea levels, we’re seeing many animals’ natural habitats wiped out.

    Car emissions also affect also air, soil and water quality and mix with rainwater to create acid rain which affects crops, forests and vegetation.

    We also know how damaging car emissions can be to people’s health, contributing to the formation of ground level ozone (commonly referred to as ‘smog’), which can trigger problems such as aggravated asthma and increase susceptibility to respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

    The time for change is now
    Data from the Department for Transport shows road traffic in the UK, measured in vehicle miles, increased by 29% from 1990 to 2018, reaching 328 billion miles in 2018. And just over three-quarters of road traffic in 2018 was from cars and taxis. We simply cannot continue like this. It is our responsibility to change our behaviour now.

    How the team at YourGP will play our part
    Launching in August 2022, YourGP is proud to introduce our new Green Initiative which will aim to reduce our team’s environmental impact.

    The first phase of this initiative is the launch of a scheme that will incentivise our staff to avoid taking their car to work. YourGP will provide staff with vouchers for each day they travel to work either by public transport, on foot or cycling. Staff can select any voucher of their choice, from supermarket vouchers to contribute towards groceries and household essentials, to restaurants and cinema tickets.

    How are you going green?
    The team at YourGP are excited to be proactive in our approach to tackling climate change, and we’re keen to do more. So tell us, what steps are you taking at home or at work to reduce your carbon footprint? Head over to YourGP’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages, join the conversation and let us know. Your comment could inspire many more to take positive action.

    YourGP introduces new Green Initiative

    Received injections from Lynn at the surgery. Hadn’t had an injection in 12 years, so was terrified walking through the front door at first. My mind was put at ease instantly. Very nice people, was given lots of great advice, and the injections were a piece of cake. Couldn’t be happier. Recommended!

    Lee S

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