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    Why good health is key to workplace productivity

    Why good health is key to a workplace productivity

    Posted on May 30th, 2023

    How is your workplace marking World Productivity Day this year? The day falls on 20th June and is a day designed to help employers get the best out of their team. For some, this means analysing workflows, streamlining processes, and cutting out waste to boost efficiency.

    However, World Productivity Day is also the perfect opportunity for managers and business owners to sit down and discuss the physical health and mental well-being of their team. Because as the Occupational Healthcare experts at YourGP reveal in this blog, prioritising the health and wellbeing of employees is the ultimate way to boost workplace productivity. Read on for our top eight reasons why…

    Top eight reasons good health can boost productivity in the workplace

    1. We’re all familiar with that feeling we often get on Wednesdays at around 3pm – the ‘Hump Day Slump’! However improving the health of your team can help to boost energy levels and make this dip in energy levels a thing of the past.
    2. Being in a better mental and physical state means employees are better able to cope with everyday work stresses such as looming deadlines or increased workloads.
    3. Better health means less risk of burnout, being less prone to illness, having to take less sick days off, and being able to recover more quickly.
    4. Healthier habits can improve sleep quality and help fight fatigue. This means employees are more alert, have a quicker response time, and are less likely to make mistakes. It also means they are better able to think more creatively and be better at problem solving.
    5. Better health can do wonders for improving an individual’s mood. Positivity breeds positivity and you’ll soon notice the morale of your whole team is lifted.
    6. This good feeling can translate through to the customer experience, which is always better for business!
    7. Improved health is a great confidence booster, it can give employees the confidence they need to believe they are capable of excelling in their role and can help to motivate them to achieve more.
    8. When employees have a healthier and happier working life, it can have a positive impact on their personal life too. Not only will they be more likely to be able to switch off and enjoy a healthier work / life balance, but it might inspire them to make healthier choices at home too.

    It’s clear there are many ways that improving the physical health and mental well-being of your team can boost productivity, but you might be wondering how to implement those healthy changes. It’s simple, you can start today by adopting any of the following steps:

    Simple ways to boost the physical health and mental well-being of your team

    1. Go easy on the treats: Everyone loves a treat, but try not to make cake in the staff room and excessive after-work drinks in the pub on Friday evening a regular habit.
    2. Take it outside: If your employees spend most of their time behind a desk, why not take advantage of the good weather and hold team meetings outside. Encourage ‘walk and talks’ – that way everyone has a chance to move around, get some fresh air and top up their vitamin D levels.
    3. Introduce healthy perks: Instead of a slap-up meal and a boozy night out when the team reaches a target, how about a gym membership or a health food subscription as a reward?
    4. Put the exercise back into team building exercises: Loosen things up with mindfulness morning or a yoga session.
    5. Offer incentives: Reward workers who ditch the car and opt to walk or cycle to work.
    6. Be flexible: Offering flexible or remote working can help employees fit in healthy activities around their work schedule, such as heading out for a run in the morning or going to the gym at lunchtime.
    7. Be open: Managers should set an example and be open and honest about mental health. They should be approachable and accessible to the team.
    8. Show you genuinely care with an Occupational Healthcare package: Having a healthcare professional on-hand to speak to employees at a convenient time about their health concerns can make all the difference to their overall health. It’s a great way to ensure health problems are taken care of before they potentially escalate into something more serious, and also gives them the reassurance that their employee prioritises their health and well-being. YourGP offer a range of Occupational Healthcare support and can tailor a package to suit your individual business needs.

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    The great thing about boosting productivity in the workplace is that it not only helps you on your way to achieving your business goals, but it also gives the team a real sense of satisfaction from knowing they are working to the best of their ability.

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    Finally, if you’re interested in finding out more about ways to improve the mental and physical health of your team, speak to the Occupational Healthcare professionals at YourGP. Simply call 0131 225 5656 or email and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.


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