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    The twindemic is coming – here’s how to protect your team

    The twindemic is coming – here’s how to protect your team

    Posted on October 29th, 2022

    Health experts are warning of a ‘twindemic’ that could have a huge impact on the UK this winter. Read on as the Occupational Healthcare experts at YourGP explain exactly what this means and what steps business owners can take to protect the health of their team this season.

    Winter is coming
    The nights are drawing in, the temperature has dropped, and flu season has arrived. We can usually judge how bad the flu season will be here in the UK by looking at what has happened on the other side of the world – in Australia for example, where they have already experienced their autumn and winter.

    Sadly, for the Australians, it has been a tough few months – with both flu and covid in full circulation, leading to what many have dubbed a ‘twindemic’.

    What’s causing the twindemic?
    The reason the rates of flu have been so high in Australia is largely because people’s immunity to the influenza virus dropped while covid restrictions were in place and people were unable to socialise. However, when covid restrictions were eased and people were able to mix and mingle once again, the rates of flu rose dramatically. There is now a genuine worry that the same will happen in the UK this winter.

    Couple this with the fact that covid rates are expected to rise this autumn and winter, and it is understandable that those in high-risk groups may be feeling anxious. Afterall, the effects of just one of these infections can be serious, but combined they can prove to be devastating.

    What impact could the twindemic have on your business?
    The rise in the number of flu and covid infections will no doubt have a huge impact on businesses right across the UK. Both infections can spread quickly amongst those working in close proximity to each other, leading to an increase in sickness absence.

    As we have seen from reported cases of Long Covid, recovery can sometimes take considerable time, impacting the physical and mental wellbeing of the individual, as well as their productivity at work.

    Staff shortages can affect the morale of fellow employees, and can have a knock-on effect on the experience of clients and customers.

    It all comes after a year in which many businesses have had to face real financial challenges – from the lasting impact of covid restrictions to the energy crisis. The twindemic could be yet another financial burden that may prove too much for some businesses to survive.


    Take action now
    The best way to protect your employees is to encourage them to get the flu vaccine and the covid booster vaccine. This is especially important if they are:

    • Over 50
    • Pregnant
    • Have certain underlying health conditions

    It is perfectly safe to have the two vaccinations at the same time.

    Protect your team – book your corporate on-site flu vaccine appointments now
    At YourGP, we aim to make the process of vaccinating your team as easy as possible. No need to worry about individual employees taking time out at various points over the next few months and disrupting schedules. Instead, our highly qualified team can come to your place of work to administer the flu vaccine to everyone at a time that suits you.

    To protect your team and safeguard your business, simply call 0131 225 5656 or email to find out more.


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