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    Mental health in the workplace.

    Posted on June 29th, 2018

    Skipping lunch so you can meet a deadline, working overtime to seal the deal, enduring sleepless nights worrying about job security… sadly it’s an all too familiar pattern for many. Of course, we all have stressful days at work, but if you find yourself stuck in this cycle it’s bound to have an effect on your mental health.

    In fact, mental health problems at work are common and according to Mind website, ‘Right now one in six of us is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress’.

    Dr Benade, GP at YourGP and Occupational Health specialist, is keen to discuss the subject. As she points out actions speak louder than words. The employee who is never late, always immaculate and the most patient well mannered, high achiever suddenly turns in late more often than not, their appearance is crumpled or scruffy, they are snapping at everyone and miss almost every deadline or submit shoddy work and burst into tears or explosive rage when you ask why.

    Dr Benade says there are a number of reasons why people avoid bringing up the subject but the main ones include a fear of being excluded, bullied, judged as weak, passed over or even rejected.

    This can be equally hard on those around them who can see the signs but don’t know what to do or say. It can cause feelings of ‘walking on eggshells’ to avoid causing upset or offence, fear that they might end up in the same space, recognition of their self in the ‘suffering’ colleague and seeing how they are treated.

    It is essential for employers to notice what is happening and to help as early as possible. As well as the human side to all this there is a real risk of negative impact on the actual business. Left unrecognised, unacknowledged and unsupported, those struggling with mental health issues are more likely to need time off work to either deal with or to hide from the problem. As Dr Benade points out ; it is far better for employers to be proactive and prepared than reactive.

    At YourGP we have a highly experienced team who can help the person suffering and /or those supporting and managing them. Employers can approach us for official occupational health support and guidance with appointments available at short notice and reports back to you within 1 week. Employees and their support network will find we have appointments available 7 days a week and usually within 24 hours of calling us.

    We are flexible and do our utmost to fit around you. We provide long opening hours and have appointments on Saturdays and Sundays allowing you help at a time convenient to you.

    I was warmly greeted by staff with genuine smiles. The staff made me feel very comfortable and engaged me in conversation about several topics which made waiting pass very pleasantly. I noticed they were proactive in making each person who arrived feel welcome, including the courier.


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