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    Medicals for HGV drivers in Edinburgh

    Man driving HGV

    Posted on April 19th, 2015

    Medicals for HGV Drivers in Edinburgh

    Medical examinations for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers have been in the media recently, most notably following the tragic Glasgow bin lorry crash that killed six people in December 2014.

    Earlier this month, it was revealed that the fatal accident inquiry into the crash will look at the driver’s medical background and his fitness to hold a licence.

    More recently, on Tuesday 14 April, a bin lorry crashed through a hedge into the front garden of a house in Glasgow after the driver was taken ill – which has led to more discussions around medical examinations.

    At YourGP private health practice in Edinburgh, we’re experienced in offering the HGV, LGV, PCV (D4) licence medical examination, and in this blog post, we discuss why you need a medical and what’s involved in one.

    Why do HGV drivers need medicals?

    The DVLA has to ensure that all licence holders are fit to drive – and the medical standards refer to two groups: Group 1, which includes motor cars and motorcycles, and Group 2, which includes large lorries and buses.

    The medical standards for Group 2 drivers are much higher than Group 1 because of the size and weight of the vehicle, as well as the length of time the driver may spend at the wheel.

    That’s why if you drive a Group 2 heavy goods vehicle (HGV), such as a lorry, bus or minibus, your licence is conditional on regular and thorough medical examinations.

    In order to prove your fitness to hold a licence, you need to arrange an appointment with a doctor for a full examination, after which a D4 medical examination report is completed.

    When do you need a D4 medical examination report?

    To apply for bus or lorry provisional entitlements, you need to complete form D2 and medical report form D4, which has to be filled in by a doctor.

    You need the medical examination report (D4) in the following circumstances:

    • If this is your first application for a Group 2 licence.
    • If you’re applying to renew your Group 2 entitlement at 45 (from 45 on, a D4 will be needed every 5 years)
    • When you turn 65, you’ll need to renew your Group 2 licence every year.

    What’s involved in a D4 licence medical examination?

    At YourGP, we complete a full medical health assessment, which includes urine screening for glucose.

    At your appointment, you’ll be asked to show your current photo ID – and after we’ve completed your assessment, your application form will be completed on the day.

    However, if you wear glasses for driving, you will need to see an optician to complete the first part of the form before attending YourGP.

    Appointments are available at short notice (often on the same day) seven days a week.

    To book your 30-minute D4 licence medical examination, use our online booking form, call us on 0131 225 5656 or email our reception team at

    Image courtesy of Mark Eslick under CC BY 2.0

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