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    Kickstart the New Year with a comprehensive health assessment

    Kickstart the New Year with a comprehensive health assessment

    Posted on January 11th, 2023

    After the excess of the festive period, the New Year is traditionally a time to make a fresh start in terms of health and wellbeing. But whilst many of you will kick off January with the best of intentions, we understand that a few weeks down the line your motivation may be starting to wane. At YourGP, we believe the key to achieving your health goals is to be realistic. But in order to set realistic goals, you first need to have an understanding of where you’re starting from and what you’re working with. The best way to assess this baseline is to undergo a full Health Assessment. Read on as we explain what this entails and how it could help you make real and lasting positive changes to your health throughout this year and beyond…

    What is a Health Assessment?
    A Health Assessment is a comprehensive package of tests designed to give a clear picture of your current state of health. It covers a wide range of areas and the aim is to highlight any issues, enabling you to take action to stop any potential problems progressing.

    Everyone is different, and for that reason we tailor our Health Assessments at YourGP to suit each individual. However, each Health Assessment will include one 45-minute appointment with a nurse or healthcare assistant plus one 1-hour appointment with a GP.

    What happens at the nurse appointment?
    Here we carry out the following checks:
    • Height, weight and BMI
    • Blood pressure/pulse
    • Resting ECG
    • Urinalysis
    • Blood test
    • Spirometry (lung function) if clinically indicated

    What happens at the GP appointment?
    This appointment usually takes place 7 days after the nurse appointment and includes:
    • Follow up review of blood results
    • Review of medical history
    • Lifestyle consultation and advice
    • Physical examination

    At this appointment, you will also be provided with a full summary of your:
    • Heart health
    • Diabetes health
    • Liver health
    • Kidney health
    • Full blood count

    Most importantly, once we have this full report of your overall health, we can have an in-depth discussion about how you can improve it. And if you require further attention, we will highlight this and arrange any appropriate treatment or testing.

    Book your Health Assessment at YourGP now
    A full Health Assessment at YourGP costs £495. Please note there is an additional charge of £30 for a prostate test if male and 50+, or male and 45+ with family history of prostate cancer.

    To book yours, just email or call us on 0131 225 5656. We are open six days a week, making it as convenient as possible for you to get your Health Assessment and start making positive changes to your health and wellbeing.

    Called Sunday at 2pm seen next day at 12pm. I had the Kenelog injection and it’s been like a switch to turn off my hay fever. From sweating and sneezing all day it’s been a complete transformation and for the first time I’m enjoying the summer. Excellent service.

    Daniel S

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