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    Is a ‘tweakment’ an act of self-care?

    Is a ‘tweakment’ an act of self-care?

    Posted on June 25th, 2024

    Attitudes to aesthetic treatments are changing. Just a decade ago, there was a certain stigma attached to having a ‘tweakment’ such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Those who got them tended to want to keep their treatments under wraps and were reluctant to reveal the secret to their youthful skin. Today, it’s a different story. People are becoming more open about their decision to smooth, lift, plump and firm their skin. In fact, many are positively embracing aesthetic treatments as a form of self-care. Read on as the aesthetic experts at YourGP explore the issue.

    Growing in popularity

    According to recent research, 11% of the UK population had an aesthetics procedure in the past 12 months. This figure is continuing to rise for a number of reasons, including the rise of social media, celebrity culture, greater availability of treatments and increased awareness of treatments.

    Popular treatments include anti-wrinkle injections to smooth out telltale signs of ageing around the eyes, lips and forehead, and dermal fillers to restore fullness to the lips and cheeks.

    Opening up the conversation

    For many people, when it comes to aesthetic treatments, discretion is absolutely crucial. They are happy to pop into a clinic for a subtle anti-wrinkle injection treatment, but they don’t wish to advertise it! And that is absolutely their prerogative.

    Here at YourGP, we pride ourselves on our discreet service. We carry out a range of aesthetic treatments at our practise where we also offer GP appointments. The beauty of this means no one need know the real reason for your visit!

    Other people, however, are much more open about the ‘tweakments’ they are choosing to have done. In fact, some see having anti-wrinkle injections twice a year as a positive act of self-care. And that is perfectly OK too.

    Aesthetic treatments can significantly boost a person’s self-confidence. So if a ‘tweakment’ makes them look and feel better about themselves, there’s no reason to keep it under wraps!

    Why choose YourGP

    Whatever your attitude – whether you’re happy to openly discuss your personal decision to tweak your appearance, or you’d prefer to keep it on the downlow – it is essential that you do your research before proceeding with any treatment. The aesthetics industry is still dangerously under-regulated, however YourGP is leading the way in terms of safety standards:

    • The aesthetic practitioners at YourGP are all medically trained, experienced, and strictly regulated by the General Medical Council. We are also members of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP). We take an ethical approach to all we do and we would never administer an aesthetic treatment to someone under the age of 18.
    • Our aesthetic practitioners have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, they know exactly where injections should and shouldn’t be administered, and they know how to minimise any potential risks.
    • Our practitioners also offer ample time to allow for an in-depth discussion of what is involved in each aesthetic treatment, including any potential side-effects, and any aftercare advice.
    • Our results speak for themselves. We specialise in subtle, natural-looking enhancements that can reverse the signs of ageing, create symmetry and balance, and give a much-needed confidence boost to patients.

    Ask the expert

    Having gained her Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetic Injectable Treatments with Harley Academy, Dr Cathrow says the focus of aesthetic care is the collaboration between doctor and patient to safely reach their aesthetic goals. “We work closely with our patients to guide them through options and ensure that treatments are provided in a slow-paced manner that keeps patients feeling in control. We offer free no-obligation consultations to explore options and I would encourage anyone considering a treatment to book in with one of the team for an unhurried, free aesthetic consultation.”

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