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    Addressing the Gender Pain Gap

    Addressing the Gender Pain Gap

    Posted on February 27th, 2024

    A new report shows that more than half of women in the UK feel their pain is ignored or dismissed by healthcare professionals. This ‘medical gaslighting’ is unfair, unethical, and we as a society must do more to address this. That’s why we at YourGP are proud to do things differently. Read on as we examine the Gender Pain Gap Index Report and reveal how our team are helping to turn the tide on these concerning statistics.

    The facts and figures

    A recent survey of 5,100 women and men in the UK revealed that 56% of women feel their pain is ignored or dismissed by healthcare professionals. What’s more, 48% of women and men believe there is a ‘gap’ in the identification and treatment of pain between genders.

    How pain affects women

    Dealing with pain can have a huge impact on a person and affect all areas of their life. For example, findings from the Gender Pain Gap Index Report showed that of the women surveyed:

    • 41% said pain caused them to have trouble sleeping
    • 39% felt less able to exercise
    • 32% suffered from period pain as part of their daily lives
    • 24% said pain has led to them feeling depressed

    What’s causing the Gender Pain Gap?

    The Gender Pain Gap is the result of a number of factors:

    1. The historic lack of medical research into female-specific pain: There are still huge areas of women’s health that are majorly under-researched, which explains the lack of knowledge and understanding.
    2. Lack of mandatory training: It is not mandatory for healthcare professionals to undertake training for conditions specific to women. Again, this explains the lack of understanding and compassion that many women feel when reporting pain to their doctor.
    3. Historic gender bias: We live in a society where there are many underlying gender biases. Combine these factors and unfortunately we’re left with generations of women who feel like they are not being taken seriously and whose daily lives are being negatively impacted by pain.

    Here’s how we do things differently at YourGP

    Here at YourGP, we feel passionately that no one should have to just accept that dealing with pain on a daily basis is a ‘normal part of life as a woman’. This is simply not true. We understand the far-reaching impact that pain can have on a person’s ability to lead a full and happy life, and therefore we always take it extremely seriously.

    • We offer extended appointment times: We give all our patients ample opportunity to talk through their symptoms, experiences and feelings in as much detail as they feel comfortable, without feeling rushed. This way, we can gather all the information needed to investigate any health issues thoroughly.
    • We treat every patient as an individual: We are fully committed to doing all we can to improve our patients’ health and wellbeing, and we do this by putting our patients and their needs at the heart of all we do. We listen, we treat, we support and we care.
    • We take women’s health seriously: Our team are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of women’s health. For example, our specialist Menopause Clinic offers valuable guidance and support to anyone currently navigating their perimenopausal or menopausal journey.

    And finally…

    The Gender Pain Gap Index Report revealed 27% of women said it was easier to self-diagnose due to wait times. We at YourGP understand the worry and frustration that results from having to wait for an appointment elsewhere. And that is why we offer same-day appointments at our two conveniently located Edinburgh practices.

    You can choose a date and time that suits you via our simple online booking system, or you can email Alternatively, you call us on 0131 225 5656 or arrange a call back via our website.

    And finally, 31% of women didn’t want to waste their healthcare professional’s time. On behalf of everyone here at YourGP, we assure you that you are never wasting our time. If pain is impacting your life, it is our duty to take it seriously and provide expert healthcare right when you need it.

    I was visiting with my son from California, US and he became ill. It was such a relief to find you and receive such expert care. He was diagnosed with bronchitis and we were given antibiotics right on the spot. My son was better in a few days and able to enjoy the remainder of our stay. Thank you very much. I highly recommend AND the location is beautiful. For any out-of-town folks it is a must-see!

    Dani B

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