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    Is it time to ditch the office Christmas party?

    Is it time to ditch the office Christmas party?

    Posted on November 21st, 2023

    Your team has worked hard all year and now they’re getting ready to let their hair down at the annual office Christmas party. But is an evening of excessive drinking and wild behaviour really such a good idea?

    A recent survey of 1,500 UK workers* highlighted some rather embarrassing Christmas party confessions:

    • Over a third of Brits embarrass themselves on dancefloor
    • More than one in four had to leave due to being drunk
    • Almost a quarter of Brits have snogged a work colleague
    • One in 10 confessed to shouting at their boss

    But it gets worse… much worse:

    • Almost one in 10 got into a punch-up
    • One in 20 have drink drove after the party

    Is this the sort of behaviour your business wants to actively encourage? Of course not, so read on as our Occupational Health team provide advice on how you can help ensure things don’t get out of hand this party season.

    5 ways to look after your team this Christmas

    No one wants to be Scrooge and put a dampener on the seasonal celebrations, but every employer has a duty to safeguard the wellbeing of their team. So here are five ways you can do that this Christmas:

    1. Lay on a festive spread: One of the main reasons many people get too drunk too quickly is because they haven’t had enough to eat. So lay on a buffet at the office, or head to a restaurant before hitting a bar.
    2. Don’t push it: By all means, offer alcohol, but don’t push it! For example, don’t top up someone’s glass without asking them first. This makes it harder for people to keep track of how much they’ve drunk. Likewise, as generous as it might sound to get a round of shots in for everyone – don’t. Try not to encourage people to mix their drinks. And always make sure there are plenty of low or no-alcohol alternatives for people to choose, as well as lots of water to keep everyone hydrated.
    3. Know when to call time: It’s always best to set a clear time beforehand for the end of the party, to prevent things continuing into the wee small hours.
    4. Remember, you’re representing your business: It’s a party, but it’s a work party, and that means every person in attendance is still needs to be professional.
    5. Look out for each other: If you think someone has had a bit too much to drink, make sure they get home safe by arranging a taxi for them – don’t leave them to wander home alone.

    Happy alternative Christmas!

    Of course, you could decide to do something completely different this year and ditch the boozy office party altogether. Why not consider one of the following:

    • Visit the local Christmas market to get into the festive spirit without overdoing it on the “festive spirits”!
    • Organise a sponsored walk, run or cycle event to raise money for a local charity. Giving back is what Christmas is about, after all.
    • Enjoy a day of team building exercises such as an escape room, bowling, crazy golf, or even traditional party games in the office.
    • Opt for a health and wellbeing day – lay on a spread of healthy fruits, snacks and smoothies, and organise yoga sessions, mindfulness and massages so your team can truly unwind.

    Speak to YourGP

    However your team choose to celebrate Christmas, we hope it’s a morale boosting, fun and safe experience for all. And if you’d like to find out more about how the Occupational Healthcare team at YourGP can work with your business to protect the health and wellbeing of all team members in the New Year and beyond, you can call us on 0131 225 5656 or email


    *Survey data: The Cartridge People study was conducted by surveying 1,500 people in the UK in December 2021


    1. Switch off this Christmas
    2. Look out for your colleagues this Christmas

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