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Private GP Services & Occupational Healthcare in Edinburgh, UK.

Helping Edinburgh employees get back to work

Helping Edinburgh employees get back to work

Posted on November 22nd, 2018

All business owners are aware that sickness and ill health can have a real impact on their bottom line, with absenteeism and poor performance having a noticeably negative effect. In fact, according to the Confederation of British Industry, absence due to staff sickness costs UK businesses about £17 billion a year.

And it’s not just business owners that are affected – colleagues calling in sick can affect the whole workforce, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to ensure your team members are able to return to work as quickly as possible after a period of sickness absence.

That’s why YourGP offers short-notice appointments and rapid turnaround times, to enable you and your team members to return to work healthier, happier and quicker.

Corporate healthcare services at YourGP

Our occupational health service, led by Dr Marikie Benade, offers a wide range of GP and corporate healthcare services and treatments.

One of the most effective ways to improve your staff’s wellbeing, and reduce the amount of money that sickness is costing your company, is through regular medical assessments.

With this in mind, YourGP provides a one-stop shop for all your medical assessment needs – saving your organisation time and money.

This service includes a range of one-to-one, fully confidential medical MOTs and annual check-ups, including an executive health medical, the practice’s most popular option.

Fitness for work assessments

One of the assessments we provide is a fitness for work assessment, which is used to determine suitability for employment and identify any reasonable adjustments that may need to be considered after a period of absence.

It is usually carried out by medical questionnaire, and if indicated, by interview and / or medical examination.

Following a fitness for work assessment, we can then issue a fit note (statement of fitness for work) to advise whether or not a person is fit for work.

Helping to prevent and reduce sickness absence

By investing in the health and welfare of your workforce, you can also help to prevent absence in the first place and reduce the amount of money that sickness is costing your company.

That’s because employees who are given support to keep well are less likely to get sick, under-perform or take time off work.

Unlike other health practices, YourGP is open seven days a week and provide short-notice appointments, ensuring you and your staff will be seen quickly and with minimum fuss. And there’s no need to register, just give us a call and start reaping the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce.

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Dr Myskow was friendly and understanding. I felt I was listened to and that I was given a thorough check over before deciding on any treatment. I wasn’t rushed at all which was nice.

Claire G Edinburgh

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