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Lift your body into shape this summer

Main image 10 June, 2015

When most women come to our private health practice in Edinburgh to get their body into shape for summer, there are two main things they want to banish: bingo wings and cellulite.

Of course, we know we’ve got to exercise regularly and eat the right foods to reduce fat and get the smoothest, firmest skin possible. But sometimes, no matter how many squats we do, those hard-to-shift fat spots on our bums, hips and thighs just don’t seem to disappear.

If you’re facing those same challenges, and are looking for a last-minute way to lift your body into shape for your summer holiday, we might just have the ideal solution for you.

Skin-tightening Lift-Shape treatment

We told you in January that YourGP was the first clinic in Scotland to invest in the Lift-Shape radiofrequency treatment – a skin-tightening device that improves the look of your skin by lifting, firming and remodelling key areas of your face and body.

We previously used Lift-Shape to improve sagging skin under the eyes, cheeks, jowls and neck – but now we’re using the treatment to tighten your body and reduce and improve the appearance of cellulite.

So far, our highly trained cosmetic assistant, Sarah Brown, has treated bingo wings, the tummy and buttocks, and is seeing terrific results for both tightening the area and for treating cellulite.

Liftshape ba 2


Liftshape ba

How does Lift-Shape work?

Firstly, the scientific part: Lift-Shape combines a series of technologies to deliver radio wave energy through the skin. These invisible radiofrequency waves gradually heat the skin tissue at the level of the hyperdermis, causing an immediate tightening effect.

But what results will you see? Well, Lift-Shape will give your body a more youthful look and feel by toning your body and improving the appearance of skin texture.

And it doesn’t only leave your skin looking noticeably younger, it also removes glycerol and fatty acids, which helps eradicate fat tissue.

Lift-Shape at YourGP, Edinburgh

Sarah, who was trained in the procedure by experts in London, carries out all our Lift-Shape treatments at YourGP.

The difference is instantly noticeable, but although Sarah has seen improvements in patients after just a few treatments, we recommend a course of six treatments with weekly or fortnightly consultations for prolonged improvements.

If you want to tighten your flabby thighs and improve cellulite just in time for your summer holiday, we are currently offering 15% off Lift-Shape treatments.

And if you want to spread the costs throughout the year, you can pay using the YourGP Savings Plan, where you choose how much you want to set aside each month. Simply put, when you have enough put away, you can use it towards this or any other cosmetic treatments.

To book a free Lift-Shape consultation, call us on 0131 225 5656, email reception@your.gp  or use our online booking form.

If you have any questions for Sarah about Lift-Shape, leave a comment below, or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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