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Mums looking good and feeling great, everyone benefits!

11 February, 2016

Beauty might only be skin deep but understanding what goes on ‘under’ your skin is a key step to your beauty regime, helping you feel happy, confident and be a great mum!

Tired and exhausted with no time for yourself being a mum of young children – and even older ones – is all consuming and can be so draining.  But it is important that you take care of yourself, and it shouldn’t trigger off any guilt trip! We all know about eating healthily and taking time out for regular exercise, but looking after our appearance is also key to our confidence and well being.

Free skin consultation and 15% off Botox. Don’t feel guilty!

Why is it that as mums, as soon as we do something for ourselves, we see it as an unnecessary treat or extravagance and feel guilty about it?  A run down mum who feels emotionally drained and miserable with her appearance can soon find herself depressed and not looking after her family – and often her job – in an effective and beneficial way. So doing something for yourself that makes you feel good about yourself is part of the maintenance programme you need.

Revitalizing your beauty regime and feeling good about appearance is empowering.  It does wonders to boost your confidence, self-esteem and morale and all the family benefit from a happy, relaxed and confident mum.

YourGP in the Dean village is a private medical practice who offer a free skin consultation to assess areas of concern to you. Using revolutionary skin imaging technology, the process analyses 2mm beneath the surface of your skin and creates a facial map showing thread veins, sun spots, damage to the dermis, and melanin and pigmentation issues. The process helps you understand your skin tone, colour and luminosity all of which help contribute directly to assessments of age. The highly trained and experienced medical staff at the practice can then suggest what treatment will help you achieve the look you want as well as advise you on your regular skin care. You can also then verify the effectiveness of treatments in slowing down the signs of ageing using this scientifically proven method of measurement and assessment.

 For March only YourGP are also offering 15% off Botox treatments so there is no excuse now to not look and feel your best!

 For further information or to book an appointment visit www.your-gp.com or telephone 0131 225 5656.

Article published in Nursery Guide Edinburgh, Feb 2016

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