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It’s not too late for the flu vaccine

Main image 23 February, 2019

The optimistic among us are seeing the first signs of spring – the lighter evenings, the warmer weather… however it’s important to remember that winter isn’t quite over yet, and that means flu season isn’t over yet either. In fact, it runs until May and here at YourGP, we’ve seen many new cases emerge over the past few weeks. So to avoid coming down with a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pain, headache and cough, it’s best to book in for a flu vaccine.

The flu is highly infectious, particularly among infants, children, pregnant women and over 65s. Not only are these groups at greater risk of contracting the flu virus, they also have a higher chance of developing serious complications that can result in life-threatening situations.

However, it’s important to remember that whether you’re young or old, male or female, anyone can catch the flu. That’s why at YourGP, our flu vaccine is available to anyone who wants it, from as young as six months old.

And it’s certainly worth considering if you run a business. If your staff work in close proximity to each other, the flu is likely to spread quickly among your employees and be a major cause of sickness absence. So why not sign up to get your staff vaccinated as part of a company-wide vaccination programme – you’ll minimise the risk of sickness absence, and reduce the need for staff to take time off work to visit their GP.

Avoid the flu by getting the flu vaccine and welcome spring in the best of health when it finally does arrive. To book yours, just call the clinic on 0131 225 5656 or email reception@your.gp.

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