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Why health is the key to happiness

Why health is the key to happiness

Posted on February 26th, 2020

Friday 20th March is International Day of Happiness so we asked a few of our patients what happiness means to them. We received a wonderful variety of answers but essentially one thing they all had in common was the importance of one’s health. Here are just a few of our favourite responses…


‘Happiness is enjoying a warm, summer’s day’

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing quite like getting out and enjoying the fresh air, unless of course you suffer from hayfever, in which case sneezing and streaming eyes can ruin a perfectly picturesque day. Help is available at YourGP, however, and just one injection once your symptoms begin can last the whole season. Find out more about the Kenalog hayfever injection HERE.


‘Happiness is knowing I’ve given my child the best start’

Most parents would agree, there is nothing more rewarding than helping your child reach their full potential as they grow, learn and flourish. Of course, in order to do so, it is important to keep them safe and protected from serious illness. Finding a GP you can trust to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment is a must for many parents as it can make all the difference when it comes to getting your child vaccinated. Find out what makes immunisations at YourGP different HERE.


‘Happiness is a life well-travelled’

For many people, it’s a lifelong ambition to see the world, experience other cultures and get a whole new perspective on life. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, make sure you’re prepared by getting any necessary travel vaccinations before jetting off. Click HERE to discover how YourGP can save you time and money by providing travel advice, inoculations and medication all in one place.


‘Happiness is being confident in my own skin’

A little non-invasive ‘tweak’ can sometimes make the world of difference to how someone looks and feels. That’s why YourGP provides a wide range of medical cosmetic treatments to tackle lines, wrinkles and a variety of other aesthetic issues. We also treat conditions such as excessive sweating and acne, and offer minor surgery to remove cysts, moles and skin tags. To find out more about our cosmetic services, click HERE.


‘Happiness is being fit and healthy enough to live life to the full’

Whether it’s advice on how to get a balanced diet, or what exercises you could incorporate into your daily routine, YourGP is open six days a week to answer your questions. We also provide a range of tests such as the Vitamin Deficiency Test to detect if you need a little extra boost. Read on HERE to discover how YourGP’s fast turnaround of results could make all the difference.


‘Happiness is finding inner peace’

Life can throw all kind of hurdles at us so it’s important to remember there is always someone ready to listen if you feel a need to discuss any issues. Whether you’d like to work through problems in your relationships with others, your behaviour or your general outlook on life, YourGP offers a fully confidential counselling service. To find out how counselling could improve your mental health and wellbeing, click HERE.


‘Happiness is being my true self’

Anyone who has lived with Gender Dysphoria will know how distressing it is to feel a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. However, help is on hand at YourGP’s Gender Clinic which provides extensive help and support to all affected, enabling individuals to become happier and more confident in who they are. Find out more about our specialist team HERE.


‘Happiness is having real job satisfaction’

Countless studies have shown that a workforce that feels genuinely respected and valued is more highly motivated and productive. Offering an Occupational Healthcare package is a great way for employers to show how much they value their employees, and it can also help to attract top talent to your team, improve staff retention and increase job satisfaction. Discover more about YourGP’s Occupational Health services HERE.


What does happiness mean to you? Join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and find out how YourGP puts your health and happiness first.

To be able to attend a clinic where I am very obviously accepted by everyone there is a great start. To follow it with an hour with Dr Myskow listening, guiding and supporting me and my loved ones as I began to live my life for real as a Transman has made me feel less afraid or isolated

Liam B – Tyne and Wear – Lyndsey

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