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    Gender Dysphoria Consultation

    Gender dysphoria, also known as Transgender, is a condition whereby a person feels trapped within the wrong body outwardly showing the world their wrong gender identity. Treatment for gender dysphoria takes a variety of forms, particular to the individual.

    Our gender team have supported and guided many transsexuals through their gender reassignment journey. Our approach offers the following benefits:

    • A relaxed, fully confidential, environment
    • Short-notice appointments at a time to suit you
    • A friendly, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere
    • Space and time to help you understand what you are going through

    How it Works

    • An initial meeting at the gender clinic where a doctor will assess your case and explain our approach
    • A programme will be specifically tailored to your needs which will include hormone implants and prescriptions – Please note hormones will not be prescribed at your first appointment
    • This service is available to over 17 years only (hormones/hormone blockers will not be prescribed until the age of 18)

    Our doctors are happy to work with friends and family to help them understand your gender identity and the process you are going through. We are able to provide the support and reassurance they need to help you.


    One-hour session – £360.00

    After being written off by chronic pain team and their physios, and losing faith in the physio discipline, I had no expectations from Peter. I am amazed at what he has done for me. Although I still have my pain I, at last, understand what’s happening, why and how to best manage it. Peter has given me the control back. I recommend Peter to anyone I meet who needs a good physio.

    Lynn W Lothian – Peter

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