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Skin Prick Allergy Test

We are one of the few private clinics in Scotland to provide a skin prick allergy test, which is available for anyone who has been referred via either their own GP or after an initial consult with one of our GPs.

How it works

  • We will send you a list of instructions with regards to you stopping particular treatments, e.g. anti – histamines, for a set time scale before we can see you for testing.
  • A tiny amount of the allergen is spotted onto your forearm and any reaction, usually a small blister with red ‘flare’ patch around the test area, measured. You will leave knowing your result at the end of your appointment. We hold a stock of the most common allergens; please ask if yours is in clinic, if not we require a few days to get the test.

Please note that skin prick tests are unsuitable if you have a history of anaphylaxis. Allergy testing is also unsuitable for those with no symptoms and no history of suspected allergy.


If you have been referred by your own GP for the skin prick allergy test, then we can arrange an appointment with our nurse to carry this out. We will just need a copy of the referral to verify that this is the best approach and to ensure that we have the required allergens in stock.

If you have not been referred by a GP for the test, you will require an initial consultation with one of our GPs to assess your case and recommend the best way forward.

– Initial GP Consultation (if required): £180.00
– Skin Prick Test, 0-3 allergens: £10.00 + consultation fee of £30.00
– Skin Prick Test, 4-6 allergens: £15.00 consultation fee of £30.00
– Skin Prick Test, 7 allergens and more: Price on application

I just want to thank you for listening to me. When you are visiting the UK it can be worrying when you are unwell. You put me at ease and gave me the medical attention I needed.

Trudy – USA

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