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    Dr Grundy


    Gender Specialist

    Patients come to Dr Grundy because they are seeking the help of a Gender Specialist who is not only highly qualified, but also empathic, honest, and non-judgemental in their approach. Indeed, what sets Dr Grundy apart is that she walks the individual journey with each patient as they undergo their life-changing transition. She offers expert advice and vital support every step of the way – from diagnostic assessments, to medical follow-ups, and second opinions for genital reconstructive surgery, for example.

    As rewarding as she finds the role, it is of course not without its challenges. Dr Grundy all too often hears about the difficulties, discrimination, abuse, and marginalisation that many patients sadly endure on their path towards coming out and starting their transition. For this reason, Dr Grundy places great emphasis on the importance of safeguarding the mental health of her patients. She understands that those who identify as transgender frequently experience issues associated with having to deny their authentic selves for so long. Her approach is therefore holistic, and her ultimate goal is to ensure her patients feel confident, safe, and secure in who they truly are.

    Outside her important work here at YourGP, Dr Grundy hosts a regular GP assessment clinic for the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine. In fact, Dr Grundy‘s appreciation for theatre goes back some time – she completed a degree in Applied Art and Design (Theatre Costume) at the Edinburgh College of Art before obtaining her medical degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Live performance features heavily in her spare time too – not only does Dr Grundy enjoy attending music events, she also sings and plays flute in a duo with an improvising pianist. Dr Grundy also finds time to keep active, from the peaceful practise of yoga, to the much more energetic sport of roller-skating!

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    After being written off by chronic pain team and their physios, and losing faith in the physio discipline, I had no expectations from Peter. I am amazed at what he has done for me. Although I still have my pain I, at last, understand what’s happening, why and how to best manage it. Peter has given me the control back. I recommend Peter to anyone I meet who needs a good physio.


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