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Fertility Screening Services

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Having a child should be a happy experience, and many couples conceive a child without much difficulty. However, some couples find conceiving a child to be more difficult than others and there can be some uncertainty as to why.

YourGP is working with IVF Matters, an industry leader in fertility issues, to offer fertility screening services, help and answers to those struggling to conceive.

We have partnered with IVF Matters to be able to offer a comprehensive and in-depth look into both male and female fertility problems, we organise all aspects of fertility screenings including scans, blood tests and semen analysis, allowing a tailored diagnosis and treatment.

Both YourGP and IVF Matters are compassionate as well as experienced in counselling and helping couples and individuals through this difficult time. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to fertility and offer several additional services that could help, including individual and couple counselling, nutritional therapy as well as other complementary therapies and counselling services.

To make things simple, we offer female, male and couple fertility screening with basic and advanced options for each allowing individual tailoring and choice.

Top 10 Tips for those trying for a baby

Take fertility supplements daily, Women – Folic acid 400mcg & Vit D 10mcg, Men – Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Selenium  ·  Confirm your Rubella immunity  ·  Eat healthy  ·  Optimise your weight  ·  Reduce caffeine to 100mg a day  ·  Exercise daily  ·  Reduce alcohol to under 5 units a week  ·  Stop smoking  ·  Medications – ask your doctor  ·  Recreational drugs – avoid

Female Fertility Screening

Female Investigations



Workup -New consultation -Blood collection -Review of results and referral


Ovarian Reserve Test -Ovarian Reserve Scan + AMH Yes Yes
Laboratory Tests -HIV + Hep B s Antigen + Hep B c Antibody + Hep C Antibody + Rubella + Chlamydia + Thyroid Function Test + Full Blood Count + High Vaginal Swab





Male Fertility Screening

Male Investigations



Workup -New consultation -Blood collection -Review of results and referral



Semen Test Semen Analysis
(Paid Separately)
 Yes Yes
Laboratory Test HIV + Hep B s Antigen + Hep B c Antibody + Hep C Antibody + Chlamydia    Yes




Couples Fertility Screening

TOTAL PRICE £568 £816

How It Works

 To book an appointment, or simply to talk through your options, please call 0131 225 5656. Alternatively you can email us at reception@your.gp or use our online booking form.

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“It is obvious from the outset that Dr Benade is very experienced in the Occ Health field. Because my employer had referred me to her I expected a bias in their favour. I was completely wrong. Dr Benade was very attentive, thorough and fair. How I feel mattered and she understood my eagerness to recover and remain with my employer in the job I love”
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