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The NHS is letting down transgender people, report says

Main image 19 April, 2016

Gender identity and transgender issues are part of the public consciousness now more than ever thanks to greater advocacy and awareness through media and pop culture.  

And although awareness and acceptance for transgender people is on the rise, there’s still a stark contrast between the experiences of transgender celebrities and those of trans people in day-to-day life.  

 A recent parliamentary report has found the NHS is failing behind in its treatment of trans people and its gender identity service, arguing Britain has a long way to go when it comes to providing equal access to services.  

The problems manifest in a number of ways; too often GPs lack the understanding to deal with the wide range of physical and mental health issues of transgender patients. Some GPs illegally deny healthcare to trans people because they don’t agree with the choices their patients are making.  

The report revealed trans people face significant difficulties trying to access general NHS services. Adults trying to access clinics often face waiting times for first appointments and surgery from two to three years.  

The transphobia experienced can have striking results; the report believes around a third of transgender adults, and half of young people, attempt suicide as a result of the hostility and discrimination they face in daily life.

Outlined in the findings are a list of 30 recommendations to help improve services for trans people across a whole range of policy areas. Among them is the call for a reduction in the age limit for obtaining official recognition of a new gender without parental consent and an option to record gender as ‘X’ in a passport.  

Going private

While the report is a welcome step forward, too many patients struggle to gain access to the support they need though the NHS. Going private for gender dysphoria care offers the chance to receive sensitive, confidential and specialist care by a team of experts.

At YourGP private medical practice , we have a team of gender specialists and psychiatrists to support and guide transgender people through the many complex issues around gender dysphoria.

We advise, treat and support those on the path to gender reassignment surgery. Leading our team is Dr Lyndsey Myskow, who is highly respected in this field and is the sole specialist practitioner in the East of Scotland.

To find out more about gender dysphoria or speak to one of our gender specialists, use our online booking form to book an appointment or call us on 0131 225 5656.

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