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Flu Vaccination

YourGP receive delivery of the flu vaccine a few weeks before the NHS, allowing you to be protected earlier. The vaccination is available to anyone from 6 months old* and it is recommended that you have your flu vaccination every year to stay protected.

Flu vaccination is recommended for those travelling abroad for work or leisure. YourGP offer corporate flu packages, delivered via our clinic or in the ease of your own company premises, which can help reduce employee absence. Our annual flu clinics run between September and February, while stocks last.

One of our trained clinicians will recommend the the most clinically appropriate vaccine from available stocks; including Quadrivalent injection, nasal spray and over 65 conjugate vaccines**. Please note that we currently do not have stock of the nasal spray, however please do feel free contact our team and we can arrange to get in touch with you when this changes.

*Children from 6-24 months’ old are eligible for injectable flu vaccine and children from 2 years are eligible for nasal spray or injection. All children are required to have two doses for their first year of flu vaccination, after which an annual booster is sufficient.

**If you are part of a specific clinical group such as 2-11 years’ old, asthmatic, diabetic or over 65 then you may be eligible to receive a flu vaccination via the NHS. If you opt to attend YourGP we are happy to share the vaccine record with the NHS with your consent.

How it Works

When you come in for your treatment we will discuss the vaccination and make you as comfortable as possible.

You will be welcomed by our team and asked to complete a brief health questionnaire and consent form

The nurse will discuss the most appropriate type of flu vaccine protection for your clinical group.

The vaccine will be administered either by nasal spray, or injected into the arm or thigh.

Very occasionally people experience side effects with the flu vaccine, which the nurse will discuss before administration. You are welcome to ask questions before you provide consent.


Single dose – £21.50

Two doses (for children receiving flu for the first time) – £34.50

Payment will be taken in full at the time of booking

I was in significant amount of pain and was seen very quickly by Dr McFarlane. He was able to immediately identify the problem. He carried out the minor surgery immediately, with great skill. I would not hesitate in recommending him as an excellent GP.

Peter, London – Robert

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