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Dr Lee Janson is a highly accomplished GP and has gained a myriad of qualifications and experiences over the years.

Starting life in the United States, Lee gained multiple degrees (B.S. and Ph.D.) in biochemistry and biological science in several states in the USA before earning his M.D. in Texas. Lee also has an education in fields such as pathology, biophysics and tropical & infectious diseases. He also has experience with NASA as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Lee’s GP experience is vast and started in Dallas, Texas as a resident GP at a family practice. Lee has since worked as an ER Speciality Physician in Scotland as well as having worked as a GP in Australia. His excellence in his field has earned Lee several honours and awards including multiple awards for essays, research and speaking.

Lee has also had several medical journals published and two books. 

Quite uniquely, Lee also has military as well as civilian experience. After receiving US Air Force Commissioned Officer Training in 2003, Lee was stationed in South Korea as a US Air Force Family Physician and also served as a US Air Force Flight Surgeon in the UK as well as in Afghanistan and Qatar as a Chief Flight Surgeon. As with his educational ventures, Lee has also secured several awards and honours for his military service. These include several Campaign Medals, Meritorious Service medals and medals for achievement for Combat Support Flights.

To begin his new endeavours in the UK, Lee underwent PMETB Certification and NHS Familiarisation Training and now practices in several GP surgeries around Scotland. He became a UK Citizen in 2016. However Lee still retains an active US Medical Licence, allowing him to see patients who a require US physician.

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